Welcome to Aeternum Nutrition!

We are a Local and Family owned Supplement brand located in the Beautiful state of Florida! Our products are Made here in the USA with and FDA inspected facility. 

Growing up I was always sick and allergic to several foods and animals. I was consistently taking naps, sleeping in, and striving to find the energy and desire to get stuff done!

If it werent for a few people who blessed my life with knowledge on how to change my diet, exercise, and take care of my health with food and supplements, I may still be in my rut. I learned about proteins, fats, carbs. I learned your day starts the night before with a great nights sleep. I learned home based workouts and gained  confidence to get a gym membership. My life changed around, and I noticed many other areas where my life improved. 

Fast forward to today. I have no allergies except for the occasional sneezes from cats! I still have the habit of going to the gym, and I eat 85% healthy and the rest is the fun meals! 

I want to benefit the lives of people around me, both physically and mentally.

Thanks for Choosing Aeternum Nutrition