Psyllium Husk-Natural Plant Based Fiber: Promotes Regularity, Aids in Weight Loss

I absolutely love this product. It has changed my body function to work properly. I have been taking this for about 3 years and I am now 68 and I feel so much better, as well. The service is excellent in every way. Great communication and caring to make sure the customer is happy with their product and their service. Thank you:)
Definitely noticed some gentle but thorough cleansing effects.
This supplement helped me with consistent regularity in my elimination.
One of my favorite health mentors says "fiber is to the gut what curls are to the bicep". I couldn't agree more.
After turning 50, I started having major constipation issues. This stuff helps tremendously. It's nothing that sends you running to the bathroom, it doesn't upset your stomach, just helps with the bloating and rock hard toilet plugging problems. I also take a stool softener with it.

Why take other supplements that are not easy for your body to absorb, and inefficient in their quality? Psyllium Husk is 100% natural seed husk, completely plant-based, safe, and healthy without all of those nasty fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors. If taken on a regular basis, psyllium husk will help support digestive health by allowing for easier elimination, as well as acting as a stool softener, stimulating bowel movements, and clearing the system of toxins. When your digestive system is operating efficiently, it can also help to support immune system and even weight loss. When taken with water, the husk will increase in size and form a gel-like structure that will help to reduce appetite, and thus, manage weight. But don’t just take our word for it - Click the β€˜Add to Cart’ Button now and experience the difference yourself!

  • 100% NATURAL & SOLUBLE FIBER - supports digestive health - once ingested with water it expands to form a gel-like structure making elimination easier keeping bowels clean & healthy
  • GMP CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING FACILITY - rest assured that our psyllium is safe, natural, plant-based, & effective
  • NO FILLERS, BY-PRODUCTS, PRESERVATIVES - just 100%, all natural psyllium husk as the only ingredient - 725mg - powerful & effective
  • HEALTHY DIGESTION = HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM - other supplements on the market are filled with preservatives, artificial flavors, & colors - because Bonne Sante Nutrition’s psyllium is completely natural & plant-based, it is easier for the body to absorb
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - at Bonne Sante Nutrition we take great pride and care in manufacturing only the highest quality, premium products for our new and loyal customers- MADE IN THE USA